14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13

“What Makes You Unique, Different, Quirky?”

To begin, I’ve always been on the quieter side and have seen myself as introverted. As a kid, I was always studious. I’d spend much of my time studying at libraries. I always have liked spending time in quieter places.

As a teenager, I was blessed to enjoy the friendship of 3 close friends and our friendships continue to this day. One of these friends and I lived in the same building.  We’d often get together, and listen to her older brother’s collection of 45 rpm’s.  We’d talk, dance, and squeeze in homework and studying together.

I enjoyed attending Hunter College in NYC.  I did a lot of walking through NYC in the day.  Sometimes, my professors would hold classes in Central Park which when they did made it feel like a bit of having some greenery on campus. Also, wonderful was visiting, walking through, and seeing exhibits at the museums.

I know my husband 41 years and we’re married 37,  not so common these days.  I love waking up to him by my side, watching him sleep, listening to his snore, running my fingers along his face, his eyes, nose, and mouth, our holding hands, taking walks together, and drives along  country roads.  I love listening to him describe automobiles and a rich history he knows well.  I love remembering our riding motorcycles, the wind in my hair.  We met through a mutual friend. The first time we got together and started talking was during a party at his house. Listening to rock music,  I was asked what music I’d like to listen to, my answer, “The Beach Boys”. Reminds me, I’ve never felt like I had to “fit in” and  I’ve always felt okay making my own choices.

Now that’s not to say I haven’t liked listening to rock music, I have and I love music. However, I’ve also discovered that certain MS symptoms I experience seem to be triggered certainly by volume, certain tones, and the beating of drums, so it’s a fine line I travel in choosing the music I listen to these days.

I love to have my morning coffee over a conversation with my sister, and then our doing something creative together, weaving, painting, jewelry making, sewing. During the evenings I enjoy some reading, writing, knitting, or crocheting.

I tend to like familiarity, a “sure thing”.  However, as a survivor of MS and Cancer, I’ve also learned to live with and accept uncertainties. So I am encouraging myself to step beyond my comfort zone and try new things.  It’s important to me being engaged and feeling productive, feeling like I am making a difference.  I’m not quite sure just how unique, different, and quirky all this makes me, I just know it all contributes to making me who I am and who I like being.

“What makes you unique, different, quirky?”

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