Spring! Second Day! 2016!


Second Day!


Forsythias, their vibrant yellow.


Bursting buds and open blooms

on Sturdy Stems.


The seasons changing,

Winter’s grasping, holding on,

spring bursting forth,

intertwined, holding on to one another.


The dusting, of an early morning’s


Soft, yellow and white, refreshing beauty.


Something I hold on to for the day ahead,

with my good friend.

She joins me.  We head to an appointment!

A procedure!

Waiting in the office,

I drift in meditation, moments of prayer.

She appears, we smile, looking at each other,

a time of rebirth, new beginnings, medications working.

My vision of colors shifts from yellow and white,

to  milder, warmer days arriving , and early spring,

colors of  yellows and greens.

I think of the approaching bounty of daffodils

for us to see,

beyond this second day of spring in 2016.


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