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14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

“My Biggest Success in the Last Year”

Over the last year, my biggest success has been in the design and development of my websites.  I began my first website, andreahorowitz.com, because I wanted to share poetry and narratives about Survivorship, about Multiple Sclerosis, about Endometrial Cancer, about having become a patient after years of being the primary caregiver in my family, and my husband and I having become  carepartners.

With belief in the importance of exercising my brain, and cognitive skills (encouraged by my neuroligists),  I want to share information, hope, encouragement and inspiration through poetry, narratives, and in advocacy.

With a passion for creating fiber art, I also wanted a website where I could share about  knitting, crochet, beading, and quilting, which led me to creating andreasherrycreations.com .

I also believed it would be fun to share about the place we call home, Horowitz Hacienda in the Pines, and write about the beautiful nature in which we’re blessed to be surrounded.  We creatively engage in play based art and fun activities with my sister, Francine, and all of us have loads of fun with Sadie, our Shitzu mix.

I’m proud to have accomplished bringing these websites live and to have started blogging.

With encouragement for you to share and letting you know that I am interested in hearing from you, what is your biggest success in the last year?

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7

“What My Favorite Book or Movie Is, and Why”

Nature is one of the things with which I love connecting.  I’ve enjoyed learning and each year find more to learn about the birds which live in our area.  Each year I pay attention to their migration patterns.

At Horowitz Hacienda in the Pines there are birdhouses hanging on trees, the fence, shepherds hooks, and pergola.  In the garden, we also sometimes paint birdhouses for some of the birds to nest. Birdbaths and feeders have also been placed.  There’s a satisfying feeling in caring for and feeding the birds. Each day is beautiful waking to the sounds of the birds. Mourning doves cooing.  Wrens and Chick-a-dees chirping a beautiful melody. Garden Photos_Summer2007 074-1

Afternoons, relaxing on the porch, sipping iced tea or lemonade.  I watch for the birds in flight, while glancing through and reading one of my favorite books.

Sharing in this 14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7, one of my favorite book is “Birds in Your Backyard: A Birdlovers Guide to Creating a Garden Sanctuary” by Robert Dolezal.  For bird enthusiasts (or would be bird enthusiasts) it is a comprehensive guide, richly illustrated, and provides food for thought on planning and planting with the rewarding experience of enhancing a yard into becoming garden sanctuary. There’s lots of information about identifying birds, their markings, how they behave, and what foods they like best.  At feeding time, it’s a magnificent sight watching the birds eat.  Sometimes I’ll photograph their activity. The spectacular goldfinch fluttering to and from the thistle feeder.  Various species of birds favoring certain feeder foods.  Some eat from feeders, some even from the ground. Garden Photos_Summer2007 075-1

It’s always  a sight watching the squirrels go after the bird food and hang off the feeders,too.  I make sure there is food for them at the ground to try to keep them from the feeders. “A little something for everyone!” Squirrel a Munching at The Horowitz's Nature Center_25-Dec-2007 011

The birds at play in the birdbath and shaking off the water, or taking a sandbath are lively. They like both and they can be quite amusing.

Approaching dusk, the magnificent male cardinal in the euonymous tree.  Singing his song, the last I hear, in our garden sanctuary, to say goodnight.

I’d also love to know: What is your favorite book or movie, and why?

April Snowdrops

20150326_180208_1In the activities of the day, I might have drifted to a place –

Oh – how – wonderful,

Spring you have arrived,

Seems more nearly than in actuality,

Still a white blanket covers earth,

When the air is crisp,

And smells fresh and clear,

April snowdrops peeking through,

Awakening to this new spring season,

of a nose taking in the fragrant

flowers, and freshly mowed grass.

World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day 2014 – One Day I Wish For A Cure

We’re not quite into the summertime heat here in New York.  These past couple days have been a reminder of what’s yet to come.

Summertime brings thoughts and pleasant memories of travels and visits with family and friends, vacationing, beaches, pools, outdoor concerts, automobile races, ballgames, volleyball, walking, even a bit of hiking.  During the summer season now, the thought of heat, and Heat Sensitivity being one of the MS symptoms I experience, summertime, along with its many pleasantries, for me is also a season of even greater MS Challenges.

Daily activities become affected, sometimes symptoms change, affected differently in each season, and in differing climates worldwide.  Summertime for me the most challenging, I can’t help but wonder how friends with MS worldwide are affected.

The following are some things I do to beat the heat.  I have my ceiling fans circulating and cooling the air.  Individual room air conditioners are an option at our home for me.  I make sure to keep ice packs in the freezer.  They’re great for cooling my core, back, neck, and head… and YES, I remember the recommendations for applying ice for only 20 minutes on.

To stay hydrated I drink plenty of water, and keep ice on hand too.  I often let ice cubes or crushed ice, melt in my mouth, it’s very refreshing and helps in cooling.

Yesterday afternoon I took a cool shower.  Showering and washing my hair just before leaving the house helps me feel a bit cooler before getting out into the heat.

There are companies that offer cooling vests and accessories and if these are of interest, then you might also want to check for additional information by contacting your local chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society or the nearest MS World Organization.

In going places and doing things, there are different types of access issues faced by individuals with MS, around the world, everything from access to treatments and services to mobility and leisure.

Current medication and treatments, where available, have been developed and manufactured in a number of countries.  Copaxone is the medication I take.  Teva Pharmaceuticals is the developer and manufacturer of Copaxone.  Teva Pharmaceuticals is in Israel.

A cure can come from any country or countries working together.   I Believe A Cure is Possible through Research and Collaboration Worldwide.

One Day I Wish For A Cure.

What part of the world do you live in?  What do you do to beat the heat?