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A New Year Resolution for 2016 – Maintaining Good Nutrition

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year 2016.  So many of us talk about making  New Year Resolutions, about diet and the foods we eat, striving for good nutrition and for some weight loss.  There are many years in which I  have also started out the new year looking to change my diet and “lose weight”.  Well this year is no exception for me!

Over the past few weeks as we’ve drawn closer to the new year approaching,  this has become a pressing thought.  I’m wanting to make some changes to my diet, and wanting to lose  weight, the weight which I had gradually gained over a number of years.  Sound familiar?

This year, rather than  making a resolution, I am setting an intention.

My intention! I am drinking 8+1 = 9 glasses of water each day, I am eating more vegetables (especially leafy greens), snacking on 2 crunchy vegetables each day, and measuring the portions I am eating.  A nutritionist once shared with me that the size of a portion is equal to the size of my fist.  The visual is helpful whether dining in or dining out.  I intend on losing 10 pounds  by February 5,  2016,

Here for you, if you are interested,  is a link  to some Tips on Maintaining Good Nutrition from the National MS Society and  there’s more, 5 Tips on fighting fatigue with a good diet as well…

Maintaining Good Nutrition

Again, a Happy New Year to you and yours,


14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10

“What Do You Do?”

Let’s say I’m taking the day off, and I have nothing scheduled, no responsibilities, and no one else to take care of. What do I do?

Garden Photos_Summer2007 076I would begin my day, stretching and say:

Good morning world 🙂 Thoughts fluttering about, thinking about the day, nothing scheduled, no responsibilities, everyone I care for is being looked after, and well cared for today. What do I do?

I would do some yoga, then meditate.

I would have my drink of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon, maybe a little maple syrup if I wanted it sweetened.

On a nice  cool day, I would walk barefoot into my garden. Relax on my patio with our dog, Sadie, by my side, sitting in the shade of the grape vines growing over the pergola and under the more than 80 year pine trees enjoying the coolness they bring.

Filling the birdbaths, and basins with water. Watching the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks.

Keeping a glass of water for me, to drink, by my side.

I would relax and read the paper or a magazine. Having my camera nearby, I would go for it to catch some photos of the beautiful day, the flowers, shrubs, and the animals I see in the garden today.

Returning inside, I would whip up a smoothey.

Or, maybe, cooked steel rolled oats with almonds, raisins, and a bit of honey.  A cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee.

I would gather the greens and crunchies, for preparing a lunch salad.

Making some calls, or going on-line, I would visit with family and friends.

An afternoon out, to see an early movie.

A late afternoon, stretched out, getting a massage.

A dinner of fish, baked potatoe, and vegetable, asparagus sounds wonderful to me. And a nice cup of herbal tea.

An evening of knitting, crochet, or quilting would be a delight for me.

Reflecting on the day with appreciation, heading off to sleep.

Sweet Dreams.

So let’s say you’re taking the day off, and you have nothing scheduled, no responsibilities, and no one else to take care of. What do you do?