First Day of Spring 2015

20150320_164309Arriving home today, first day of spring 2015,

after a routine scheduled doctor’s appointment,

looking at the winter landscape,

with feelings of being in awe,

having snowfall on the first day of Spring 2015.

Wondering of the miracles to be seen beneath the blanket of snow.

Yesterday, a landscape having just begun to show,

the signs of springtime’s shining green foliage,

beginning to appear.

Fully absorbed, enjoying the last day of winter,

the bright rays of sunshine,

a day comfortable and safe for strolling outside,

walking, with eager anticipation of more days like this to come.

20150319_161819My vision,

looking toward the vibrant,

beautiful blossoming,

of the red and pink flowering azaelea.

What This Winter Has Afforded Me

Feeding Time at Horowitz Hacienda in the Pines
Feeding Time at Horowitz Hacienda in the Pines


out  windows,

of  the house.


Many feet of snow,

above the bumper of the blue car enveloped,

looking like a softly white puffy cotton cloud.


Outline of  pottery,


barely showing through.


Earthen color,


of  warmer days.


Foliage of Blue Holly,

and Climbing English Ivy,

eaten by a family of  hungry deer.


Icicles hanging from the roof,

a skating rink,

at the bottom of the stairs.


A time for being,


enjoying winter’s hibernation.


Furry dog,

who snuggles,

licks my face.


Taps me,

to tell me,

let  her out.


Will soon be,

glad to have,

her coat of fur removed.


Slinky soft cat,

who sits atop,

a pillow near my head.



for me to scratch,

behind her ears.


Arousing me,

to get up,

and let her out the door.


Sometimes, too,


shadow in the room.



to spring forth,

upon the unsuspecting sadie dog.


The two of you having become good friends,

sitting side by side, and kissing,

makes us smile.


Creating art,

and time to explore,

the artist in me.


Daily meditation,


and feeling love,

of family and friends.


What is such a mystery, Mother Earth,


the mounds of snow.


The colors of the tree bark,

changing during winter’s season,

colors of sap appearing to flow.


Buds on trees,

i’ve seen,

a swelling.


Autumn leaves,


the flower beds.


Snowdrops, Crocus, and Hyacinths

will be the very firsts,

we see of spring.