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Taking a moment for mindfulness

DSC03217_NiagraFallsMindfulness can be practiced anytime and throughout the day.  So as a mindfulness practice exercise, you might like to take a moment to try this.  Focus all your attention on your breathing, for just one minute.  It’s just for one minute, but one minute can sometimes seem like an eternity.  Leave your eyes open and breathe normally.  When your attention wanders (and it will) be ready to catch your mind from the wandering.  Return your attention to your breath.

Just practice.  This is not a contest.  Not a personal challenge.  This is something to be experienced.  To begin the experience to complete a single minute of alert, clear attention.  This can take some people many years of practice.

Using this exercise is a great way to restore your mind to the present moment and to restore your mind to clarity and peace, and can be practiced many times throughout the day.  Over time, you may want to gradually extend the duration of this exercise, lengthening period of time of focusing your attention on your breathing to experience alert, clear attention and exercise the foundation of a correct mindfulness meditation technique.

Some use a mindfulness bell to focus attention on, instead of breathe. A mindfulness bell or recording can also help you to focus your attention in the present moment and achieve a state of mental stillness.  For use with android and iphone devices I found some mindfulness bells on Google Play.

February Starting Anew

Wishing everyone a Happy February.  I’m in gratitude for such a beautiful day to begin a  new month, sunny and warm, more like spring than winter. It was even feeling like a splendid day to begin spending some time spring cleaning in the garden.  Looking for snowdrops and true signs of spring yet to be found. I took a wonderful walk with Sade (our Shitzu) today, and this afternoon I completed a round of physical therapy.  Starting anew is always refreshing.  Setting new goals.  I’m working on the content for a writing class I’ll be offering later this month.  What is one of your goals in February? I’d love to hear you share.

Winter is Approaching at The Hacienda

Winter is approaching.  Must be.  Earlier today I was told by Norman Horowitz that he saw snowflakes in the air.   He said they weren’t amounting to anything on the ground.

Considering the warm weather we’ve been having up until now, this is certainly an indication the temperature is dropping as we are officially approaching winter here in the northeast.  He’s mentioned wanting his hats for awhile now.   Every so often there has been a bit of a reminder winter will arrive.

We did a lot of de-cluttering during the summer.  Six months later we weren’t sure if his hats were stored in a draw or closest, and since it had been summer when we were tackling that project, whether they made it to a clothing bin in the basement.

So this evening we dived into the search.  Low and behold we found his hats, 2 out of 3 in any case, and while we were searching, the basement received some of our attention and another round of re-organization.

We shall continue our search for the one lone hat.  Could it be on a hanger attached to a winter coat picked up from Ardsley Cleaners?

Two out of three ain’t bad! Keeping the kepele (head) and aoyern (ears) warm!! *wink*

Here is a photo of meyn man (my husband), happy he has his hat and of course his televizye vayt (TV remote)  🙂 20151219_190204_RR_Hat_NPH




even on

a cloudy morning,

the sun is not yet shining,

on this June day.

Your flower continues to

grace us,

so delicately,

from above your firm fist,


burst forth



your sturdy stem beneath.


Each New Day

Each new day the sun’s fist opens with an invitation,

and I ask,

shut it out,

or embrace it?

Do I stay inside, or…

hurry half dressed and barefoot into the garden!

Forsythias dropping their yellow flowers, green leaves appearing,

Vibrant red and pink azaleas,

on sturdy stems, boldly showing their delicate flowers.

The white lilac bursting forth,

with it’s sweet fragrance.

I Breathe, looking up at a clear blue sky,

with open hands in gratitude and a happy heart,

ready for the day ahead.