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World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day 2014 – One Day I Wish For A Cure

We’re not quite into the summertime heat here in New York.  These past couple days have been a reminder of what’s yet to come.

Summertime brings thoughts and pleasant memories of travels and visits with family and friends, vacationing, beaches, pools, outdoor concerts, automobile races, ballgames, volleyball, walking, even a bit of hiking.  During the summer season now, the thought of heat, and Heat Sensitivity being one of the MS symptoms I experience, summertime, along with its many pleasantries, for me is also a season of even greater MS Challenges.

Daily activities become affected, sometimes symptoms change, affected differently in each season, and in differing climates worldwide.  Summertime for me the most challenging, I can’t help but wonder how friends with MS worldwide are affected.

The following are some things I do to beat the heat.  I have my ceiling fans circulating and cooling the air.  Individual room air conditioners are an option at our home for me.  I make sure to keep ice packs in the freezer.  They’re great for cooling my core, back, neck, and head… and YES, I remember the recommendations for applying ice for only 20 minutes on.

To stay hydrated I drink plenty of water, and keep ice on hand too.  I often let ice cubes or crushed ice, melt in my mouth, it’s very refreshing and helps in cooling.

Yesterday afternoon I took a cool shower.  Showering and washing my hair just before leaving the house helps me feel a bit cooler before getting out into the heat.

There are companies that offer cooling vests and accessories and if these are of interest, then you might also want to check for additional information by contacting your local chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society or the nearest MS World Organization.

In going places and doing things, there are different types of access issues faced by individuals with MS, around the world, everything from access to treatments and services to mobility and leisure.

Current medication and treatments, where available, have been developed and manufactured in a number of countries.  Copaxone is the medication I take.  Teva Pharmaceuticals is the developer and manufacturer of Copaxone.  Teva Pharmaceuticals is in Israel.

A cure can come from any country or countries working together.   I Believe A Cure is Possible through Research and Collaboration Worldwide.

One Day I Wish For A Cure.

What part of the world do you live in?  What do you do to beat the heat?