With Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

20161123_231805_thanksgiving-2016With gratitude on Thanksgiving day.  Just like mom would want, and although we miss her , although we feel sadness, and although we miss having her with us to celebrate together, we feel gratitude for the years she was with us and for all we did together. We feel gratitude for who we do have in our lives and how we can touch lives.

We always celebrated our mother’s birthday both on her birthday and on Thanksgiving.  This year is a year when her birthday falls out on Thanksgiving.

We’re also thinking about family and friends who have lost a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend, or a pet, and we want you to know we are thinking of you, and your loved ones, too.

There are some, who may also be touched by loss, in a different way,  by losing a way of life as we’ve known it to be, something about our health, and medically, newly defining, changing the course of our lives, the paths we take, the journeys were on.

Grieving goes on, and takes what time it does. Grieving is not something anyone “get’s over”, and if you’re grieving, don’t let anyone tell you, “to get over it”.  We, each of us, have a choice, in how we live each day and a choice in how we deal with grief.

Today, Norman prepared this delicious 19 lb turkey, and Francine helped us with preparing the honey glazed carrots, string beans, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.  During the week, Francine asked for a birthday cake for mom.  It’s not the 1st year we’ve been asked by her; yet, I’m still taken aback, winded, when asked.  We asked Francine what kind of cake mom would want, and we were told chocolate.

Mom would always talk with us, and tell us, tell Francine, she wanted us to be happy and do the kinds of things which made us happy. When Norman was shopping he searched for that chocolate cake, picked up a shadow cake with chocolate icing.  Those of you who knew our mom, might remember visiting, and when we were all a bit younger, lol,  she’d have yankee doodles for all of us.  Well, the flavor of the cake turned out to be that same yankee doodle cake flavor, and the cake was topped in chocolate icing and green (Francine’s favorite color) writing,  so from mom to Francine, and to us,  we’re reminded of the sweetness of life, of her life , what she enjoyed, the care she gave, that Francine and we have happy hearts and continue touching lives in special ways.

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Wishing You, Your Family, and Your Loved Ones, many Blessings. Love and hugs! Happy Thanksgiving!







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