14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 12

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 12

“What are You Resisting Right Now?

I ask myself, “What are you resisting right now? I know it’s fear fostering my resistance from moving forward, taking the next step, and breaking through my comfort zone. But it is just that fear which I must face, which each of us faces, when taking a chance. It’s pushing through the what if’s, worry, and anxiety.  Where does it stem from. Well, this can be different for each of us.

I know where mine stem’s from,  during my childhood, when I started picking up the phone, to speak with family and family friends.  Not everyone who called understood my answering, and one who certainly did not, said: “Children should be seen and not heard”.  The voice I heard then became  an inner voice which would surface when I’d face a decision in school and social situations about speaking, and which would often keep me from speaking up.

So I am acknowledging the “voice” of resistance, and determined  to burst forth from that uncomfortable place of resistance. It may pop up from time to time, and I will look at it differently now, facing it, and speaking up as I am moving ahead.  So, I may wonder, and ask myself:

  • Am I saying something of importance?
  • Will others hear what I am saying and my meaning?
  • Will my writing ( and readings) touch others?
  • Will what I say be liked (or maybe, it will not)?
  • Will what I say be criticized?
  • Will people like my work?
  • Will folks identify with me?
  • Will folks identify with my thoughts?
  • Will I have inspired?
  • Will I have been encouraging?
  • Will I have made a difference?

These are also the questions which will inspire me to move forward and push forth through any resistance I may have or have had.

What are you resisting right now?


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