14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 14

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 14

“What Have You Learned About Yourself

in these last 14 days?”

Some of the things I have learned is that I’ve made it through this challenge.  Though sometimes feeling uncomfortable because of my feelings of vulnerability, I found myself generally feeling great in exploring my nearly 60 years, through writing about myself, searching to look and see, and reflecting on all these experiences, that contribute to making me who I am today.  It is so interesting for me to read Day 1 through Day 14.  I can see how this became a reflection for me, in sharing good experiences and the painful ones, both a part of my life’s  journey.  I also like that through these writings I am allowing others to see deeper into my life and maybe identify with some of my personal experiences and moments.

I hope my sharing has touched you in some way, and if you’ve also decided to take this 14-Day Blogging Challenge, what have you learned about yourself?

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