14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

14 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

“What is most important to you?”

Most important to me is to spend quality time developing and nurturing deep and personal relationships with family, friends, and community connections.  I enjoy getting to know others, deeply, learning what they consider important, what their interests are, what  inspires and encourages them.  If anyone I know has a problem, I’ll listen and hopefully in some way contribute to problem-solving.  I also like to share about our family, pets, matters of interest and importance.  Visiting, sharing conversation, innermost thoughts and feelings, over a cup of tea or coffee, lunch, dinner, a summer barbeque together, warms my heart.

Some of my favorite time is when my sister Francine and I sit together in our home art studio, which often becomes the kitchen, where we play with art, we talk, we sometimes sing.  Another one of our art studios is a room we have for crafting, and sometimes Francine’s room is our art studio, where we’ll sit and have a coffee while making potholders. FGF 073014 Art - Coaster for Dori During spring, summer, and fall our garden also becomes our art studio, a wonderful place where we can spend time outside together connecting with nature.

Throughout our years together, some of my favorite time with my husband Norman is when we spend time gardening together, and evenings taking a garden stroll, then sitting on our swing for two, and talking with eachother.  Sometimes, there’s such a wonderful feeling just snuggling, watching television together, and having the pets want to snuggle with us.

In addition, getting to know folks and connecting through social media has become a wonderful part of my life.  It’s such a blessing to make friends through social media and then get to meet eachother, socialize,  and sometimes also even collaborate together.

I, furthermore, love seeing and hearing how and what others share, and do to encourage and inspire. It’s helped me in becoming courageous in more publicly sharing about our lives and I am enjoying sharing our art through photographing and posting to my social media sites.  I’m filled with gratitude and joy to be connecting and sharing, inspiring, encouraging, and sharing love.

So, what is most important to you?

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