14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4

14-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4

“One Thing About Myself”

What is voice?   Cambridge Dictionary Online expresses the English definition of voice is the sounds that are made when people speak or sing .  Voice can be [the right to] an expression of opinion.  Voice can be an important quality or opinion that someone expressed, or the person who is able to express it.  To voice is to say what you think about a particular subject.

One thing about myself, I hear a voice from within, saying, “Let me out” and I’ve been discovering ways creatively to do just that.  When I was a youngster, around the age that children are, when exploring and learning to speak on telephones, I, and probably like many others, would want to answer the phone.  My parents didn’t have a problem with my answering the phone; however, once when having received a call, the person who called had a problem with my having answered the phone.  A statement was made that “children should be seen and not heard”.  I have often thought of that voice and statement, especially when I’ve refrained from expressing myself.

I would describe myself as having a tendancy toward being introverted.  I found the definition expressed on URban Dictionary interesting to read.  I do tend to be found at home.  I’ve often spent time in libraries and quite places.  I do like to think, and at times, when I’ll say that I’m thinking, my husband will sometimes then say, “Oh boy we’re in for trouble.” I also enjoy spending time by myself.

Furthermore, I delight in socializing and I love talking to my family and friends. In addition, I love communicating and socializing through social media.  So, maybe, I’m not so introverted after all.

While I worked in corporate settings, as a bookkeeper and accounting manager, I mostly worked independently.  I have since discovered, and am grateful, that no longer working in a corporate setting, I have the opportunities to “Let my voice be heard” through my writing and the arts in which I am passionately engaged.

What is one thing you’ll share about yourself?

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